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Jack waits outside for Sophie to answer the door. He can see her in silhouette as she approaches the door. She walks like Marylin Monroe in “GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES”.

Jack fidgets with his car keys as he studies the curvy shadow approaching the screen. He looks away for a moment and watches the traffic on NE 16th.

Sophie throws open the door, causing Jack to jump back.




Not yet.

A breeze appears and threatens to attack Sophie’s white strapless dress.


Oooh. Do you feel the breeze from the…

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INT. BLACKFISH, A POPULAR COFFEEHOUSE IN A NORTH END SEATTLE NEIGHBORHOOD, PRESENT DAY.Blackfish is new and stylish. They offer twenty-four different coffee drinks, have multiple window cabinets full of snacks and sweets. It is late October and the customers have arrived from a Husky game that finished an hour ago.

JACK PARKER is waiting patiently in the Blackfish order line.
MAUREEN is sitting at a table by the front window, waiting for Jack.
Maureen’s POV: She is watching Jack move along with the crowd. …

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Klauss Eichorn walked slowly along the sidewalk trees and bus stops along NW Market street and tugged on the bill of his dirty Seattle Mariners baseball cap, attempting to twist it tighter around his head so the cold, wet wind whipping down the crowded avenue would not blow it away. It was late in the afternoon, just after four o’clock on December 24th and it was already getting dark. Klauss had overheard the last part of the weather alert as he shuffled past the Moon Dog Tavern. The announcer was warning everybody that the temperature was going to be 20…

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Johnny Goodman sat up in his bed and stared at the darkness seeping through the crack formed by his bedroom door and the frame casing. In its blackness, he imagined a murky abyss full of fearsome and deadly things. He had been pulled from his dream by an unusual sound, and he was struggling to remember it clearly. He could hear shuffling on the other side of his door, noises incongruent with those normally present at this hour of the morning. Without taking his eyes from the door, he reached for the pistol on the nightstand.

“Go away!”

A whispered…

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A half hour later Chance was easing his new Chevy Silverado down the access road and onto the beach. “Does this look familiar?”

“Sort of. The sand cliffs look right, but we should be further south. I remember seeing a small stream emptying onto the beach.”

Chance looked surprised. “Wow. That’s a good clue. I know exactly where that is.”

They got back in the pickup and drove south along the beach until Linus told Chance to stop. “This is it. This is exactly what I saw.”

“We got lucky. If not for the sand cliffs, we might never have…

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As the two men approached the scene of the shooting, they moved carefully, mindful of the danger they might encounter. Darkness had rolled in from the east, casting the ocean in a churn of cascading shadows and the headlights of the cars were shooting out slanted pools of light, revealing the carnage Chance had left behind. Mike and Rick were both still struggling with their injuries, crawling along the ground, trying to get into the safety of darkness. Chance signaled for Linus to stop, then motioned for him to remain in darkness.

Chance moved into the light and said, “That’s…

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Chance watched Baseball Cap walk toward Linus. Shit. I can’t let him find Linus. I’ll have to move. He fired another shot, which pinged near the man’s feet and moved again to another position. Three bullets kicked up dirt where Chance had been. Someone is a good shot. Damn. That must have come from Polo Shirt. He might be flanking me.

Chance scrambled to a position where he still had visibility on Marlena. Cowboy Boots was roughing her up, slapping her around. Chance wanted to put a bullet through his head, but he knew couldn’t do that without endangering Marlena.

Murder Beach Act 2 — A Simple Twist of Bait

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As Chance Harper was mopping up the rest of the egg yolk on his plate with a piece of toast, he thought he heard someone pulling up in the driveway. He looked out the window and saw a car he didn’t recognize. Before he could figure out who it might belong to, there was a knock on the door. When he opened the door, he found himself facing a big man a head taller than him. …

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Since Chance and Linus estimated the drowning would happen between eight and nine in the evening, that it was to take place on Murder Beach, and whom the assailants would be, they had some idea of how to proceed. They also knew what Rick Jacobs and his henchmen looked like, and a description of the cars they would drive. Unfortunately, they had no idea when Marlena would witness the murder of Rick Jacobs’ associate.

Chance was late and he walked hurriedly through the casino to Hogan’s Alley, found Julie at the bar and sat down beside her. “I’m sorry I’m…

Nelson Vessey

I write because I like to create charactets and make up stories. Have worked in tech industry and writing frees me. Stori Novellas 2 Novels: 2 in work.

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